Aquatic & Shoreline Permitting

Grette Associates provides comprehensive natural resources support for the permitting of projects in marine and freshwater areas of the Pacific Northwest.

We work closely with local, state, and federal jurisdictions to ensure the successful permitting of construction, improvement, and maintenance activities in aquatic and shoreline areas throughout Washington and Oregon.  Through a detailed understanding of site-specific conditions, we help public and private ports, marinas, harbors, marine terminals, and seaports address project challenges in ways which serve client needs and satisfy environmental regulations.  By avoiding otherwise generic solutions to complex problems, our firm has earned a reputation for coordinating construction sequencing, mitigation actions, and compliance monitoring to maximize efficiency and reduce project delays.  Our expertise routinely addresses the following elements of in- and above-water work in Puget Sound, the Columbia River, and other waterbodies of the region:

  • Dock Construction and Maintenance
  • Shoreline Armoring and Bank Stabilization
  • Dredging and Disposal
  • Pile Replacement
  • Mitigation Planning and Construction

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